How to Stop Doomscrolling with Hypnosis

We all get trapped in the habit, especially when challenging events are happening in the world. We can end up going down a deep rabbit hole on the internet, collecting bad news and predicting catastrophes. This is called “doomscrolling” or “doomsurfing”. There’s a variety of reasons why doomscrolling  is bad for you. The good news is that you can stop doomscrolling with hypnosis.

Doomscrolling is Big Business

Companies who make money off of web space ads know that people tend to doom scroll. Especially if there’s political disagreements, a pandemic, or natural disaster, people want to learn more out of a need to be in control.

So, in an effort to make money, many websites make bad news worse than it is to drive traffic. This means that not only are you flipping through a large amount of bad news when you doom scroll, but you might be getting duped at the same time.

Doomsurfing is Bad for Mental Health

If you’re surrounding yourself with bad news, all day every day, then you may be affecting your mental health. Doomscrolling  can create unnecessary fear. When you’re feeling fear all the time, it can lead to anxiety and depression. When faced with bad news all the time, people might react irrationally. They may even become aggressive or angry.

Doomsurfing is Bad for Your Physical Health

It’s not just your mental health that you need to worry about, it’s also your physical health. When you doom scroll, the mental stress can cause muscle tension, stomach upset, and tiredness. Doomscrolling may also affect your sleep, keeping you up at night with worry.

Stop Doomscrolling  with Hypnosis

The issues that lead you to start doomscrolling  begin in your subconscious. Most people start doomsurfing as a way to get control over their situation. They are worried about the world around them. So, they may start doomscrolling to manage their stress.

Unfortunately, the subconscious gets triggered. The more doomsurfing occurs, the more the subconscious triggers stress. Which, in turn, triggers more doomscrolling . It’s a vicious cycle. You’ve become addicted to doomsurfing.

Hypnosis can break the cycle from the source. With hypnosis, a certified hypnotist can work directly with your subconscious. A hypnotist can place you in a very relaxed state. Although you’ll be aware and alert, this state allows a hypnotherapist to access your subconscious.

Hypnosis Reduces Stress

The stress you feel is at the root of doomscrolling .Hypnosis can program your mind to handle the stress differently. Using suggestions, a hypnotist can change the thought patterns that lead to stress. Your mind can be directed to process information in a more useful and helpful way.

Hypnosis Can Train Your Mind to be More Rational

Instead of believing every piece of information you see online, a hypnotist can train your mind to seek out facts. Through visualization and programming, you can become a more selective customer of the news. You’ll doom scroll less, because you’ll realize that much of what you’re reading isn’t factual. Fear based information rarely is.

Hypnosis Programs Your Mind to Stop Doomscrolling

It’s hard to stop doomsurfing, because it’s become an addiction. You may think you’re doing it to stay informed. You’re really doomscrolling  because you’ve become addicted.

You can stop doomscrolling with hypnosis. After hypnosis, you’ll find you get less satisfaction from the behavior. You’ll be able to put down your phone, shut off your computer, and set your tablet aside. Instead of spending hours flipping through bad news, you can enjoy the life in front of you.

How to Stop Doomscrolling with Hypnosis
Article Name
How to Stop Doomscrolling with Hypnosis
By surfing the web too often we can wind up seeking out bad news. The good news is that you can stop doomscrolling with hypnosis.
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