How to Prevent Road Rage with Hypnosis

by Eli Bliliuos on 09/24/2018

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Prevent Road Rage with Hypnosis NYCAs a society, we are always in a rush to attend meetings or get something accomplished. When we drive we often tend to think only of our own needs. In some cases, this can turn into road rage when other drivers do things that slow us down. On some level, we know we should not get triggered but it can be difficult for some to control their anger. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent road rage with hypnosis.

Road Rage Statistics

Aggressive driving can include speeding and tailgating. Assertive driving can be triggered by honking, a slow driver, a parking space, not allowing someone to pass, and cutting off a driver. Fifty percent of drivers who had an encounter with an aggressive driver responded aggressively. 66% of traffic deaths include some form of aggressive driving. 37% of aggressive driving events include the presence of a gun. Over the course of 7 years, there were 218 deaths and over 12,000 injuries connected to approximately 10,000 incidents of road rage.

Hypnotherapy to Prevent Road Rage

Road rage is triggered by stress and anger. The subconscious mind controls emotions like anger, stress, and sadness. Hypnosis to prevent road rage works because the hypnotist is able to give suggestions of feeling calm and at peace while driving directly to your unconscious mind.  In some cases, the anger that a driver experiences while driving may stem from an event from their past. A child can learn road rage by witnessing a parent responding aggressively to a driver. A hypnotherapist can alter the way the unconscious mind thinks about this event, and in so doing, prevent road rage in the future.

Understanding Hypnosis

Often misunderstood, hypnosis is a calm waking state that we all experience. Hypnosis is experienced while driving long distances. The experience of realizing that you are closer to home than you thought is a form of driving hypnosis. When you learn to drive a car, you think about how much pressure to apply to the brakes or the gas pedal. An experienced driver does not even think about this. They just get in the car and drive. Driving has become an automatic and subconscious activity which is why we can go in and out of hypnosis while driving. While we believe that we pay full attention to the road, we can actually be thinking or daydreaming. The truth is that we drive safely while deep in thought.

A trained hypnotist can guide you into hypnosis by deep breathing, confusion, imagery that its guided, relaxation, and misdirection. In this state, the hypnotist can guide the unconscious mind to respond calmly to aggressive drivers and experiences that might have triggered anger in the past.

We all know how we should respond when we encounter an assertive driver. We should remain calm and practice kindness. When we are able to avoid aggressive drivers, we increase the likelihood of driving safely. If someone you know suffers from bouts of anger while driving, consider hypnosis as a way to prevent road rage.

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