How to Prevent Bedwetting with Hypnosis

You can prevent bedwetting with hypnosis. Bedwetting is a an automatic response that happens when your conscious mind is not in control. Hypnosis helps you to connect to your unconscious mind and control functions that are connected with it can help you wake up in the morning with a dry bed.

Prevent Bedwetting with Hypnosis

Bedwetting can have many causes, ranging from an immature bladder to constipation. A visit to your doctor can rule out any medical issues. You can address the unconscious issue and prevent bedwetting with hypnosis.

Sometimes bedwetting can have a mental or psychological trigger, sometimes it is just a physical habit that needs to be corrected. Hypnosis can help you to get at the root of what is causing you to wet the bed and assist you in overcoming it. Hypnosis helps you to connect with your subconscious mind, the part of you that is often in charge of autonomic functions, such as coughing, sneezing and urination. At night, your conscious mind is asleep, so you will need help from your subconscious mind to control your ability to wake up and use the bathroom.

 The Subconscious Mind

Bedwetting can often create embarrassment. Scolding or punishing the child for having a wet bed can make them become increasingly anxious. Anxiety, embarrassment and fear can create tension that makes the need to urinate even worse.

Some families try using buzzers or alarms to wake the child during the night. Instead of waking the sound sleeper, it wakes the entire household.

There are medications for bedwetting, but they seem to come with a long list of health-threatening side effects.

Hypnosis is Gentle, Non-Invasive, and Effective

Hypnosis can help identify the event or experience that triggers the bedwetting. With the event identified, it can gently begin helping to redirect the way the subconscious mind thinks about that event. It can also help relieve the embarrassment and anxiety caused by bedwetting. For children, the behavior is babyish and can cause them to be teased by others. For adults, especially older adults, the embarrassment can be acute. It can make them worry about being away from home overnight.

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