How to Overcome Phone Addiction with Hypnosis

Who isn’t on their phones for hours and hours on a daily basis? We rely on our phone for constant stimulation. One can describe the tremendous temptation to use our phones as hypnotic. When you can no longer control your constant need to be on your phone, it may be time to overcome phone addiction with hypnosis.

A vast majority of the people within the United States have cell phones, in fact it is well over 90%. People use their phones to constantly be in the know, to post what is going on in their lives, to surf the web, and engage in social media.

Phone Addiction Symptoms

It’s important to note that even though an individual looks at their phone too much, if they can reduce their cell phone usage on their own, that’s not a phone addiction. When it starts to cross over to the point where you don’t feel a sense of control over how often you use your phone, then it becomes an addiction. If it has a negative impact on your life and you still feel powerless to stop then it is time to seek help.

How phone addiction affects your brain is actually quite interesting. When we receive a message or a text, it releases dopamine in the brain. This is the portion of the brain that controls happiness or a natural high so to speak. This positive reinforcement is perceived as a reward by the brain. You develop this constant need for that reinforcement, and it becomes an endless cycle. Social media has a similar effect. When someone accepts your friend request or you receive positive feedback, it creates a good feeling. Social media addiction has many similarities and can be a large part of your phone addiction. You have that constant craving for feedback, rely on it so heavily and feel powerless to stop.

Why Hypnosis Can Help Stop Phone Addiction

An ongoing study identified some important characteristics that usage of your smartphone and hypnosis share. Furthermore, based on this assumption the study focused on the theory that there was a correlation between smartphone addiction and one’s ability to be hypnotized. At the start, each student completed the Harvard Group Scale of Hypnotic Susceptibility Form A which is mostly commonly used to determine your ability to be hypnotized. During the study, 641 students were hypnotized.

Afterwards, those students were evaluated with a Smartphone Addiction Scale. They found a direct correlation between the ability to be hypnotized and phone addiction. The reason it is effective to overcome phone addiction with hypnosis has to do with the similarities between the two. Typically, phone addicts lose track of time while using their phone. They become absorbed in their phone activity and are unaware of the people around them or other outside stimuli. While under hypnosis you also lose track of time and become immersed in the process. So, it makes sense that hypnosis can help cure phone addiction.

Hypnosis For Drug Addiction

There was a fascinating study that utilized group hypnosis to overcome drug addiction. The sample size was small. Small groups of participants completed 10 weekly group hypnosis sessions. Two years following the intervention, 78% of the participants had remained free from heroin use. The reason hypnosis is so effective at dealing with addiction is because it focuses on the subconscious part of the brain that controls the addiction and shifts the way you think about it. So, the conscious part of your brain that may not want to quit becomes less relevant. It then allows you to regain control of your addictive behavior. The subconscious state accelerates our ability to establish a new way of thinking, therefore breaking unhealthier patterns of behavior.

It is empowering when you overcome phone addiction with hypnosis or social media addiction; anything really that you feel powerless to change. Hypnosis is highly effective in overcoming a range of addictions because of how hypnosis works. It allows you to understand the root cause of your addiction, accessing the part of the brain that affects the addictive behavior. Phone addiction and social media addiction can wreak havoc on your life. Hypnosis can help to address your addiction.