How to overcome Erectile Dysfunction?

Although it’s difficult to talk about, erectile dysfunction (ED) is common and nothing to be embarrassed about. Still, for many men, it can feel shameful and frustrating. Unfortunately, there’s no magic bullet or magic trick to overcome erectile dysfunction. And the treatment for ED isn’t always more testosterone or a “little blue pill.” 

Erectile dysfunction may start as a physical issue. But it later becomes a mental block, even after the physical issue is addressed. Because of these mental blocks, treatments for ED need to target the mind, as well as take care of any medical concerns. 

Mind Body Connection 

To manage ED, it’s important to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment from a healthcare professional. Even whenthe source of ED is physical—like blood flow issues, hormones, or a disability— the experience of ED can lead to feelings of shame and anxiety. Methods to address these feelings are needed, even in situations where medicine or surgery is required. Without taking care of the mental part of ED, it can happen again and again. 

Arousal and Relaxation 

The two things that are needed for an erection to happen are arousal and relaxation. Arousal can occur as long as there is a stimulating environment and relaxed state. However, if arousal doesn’t happen when a man wants or expects it to, it can have an impact on the other times he’ll need to perform. He might worry about being able to have an erection which makes him anxious—and not have an erection. 

In order to enjoy a healthy sex life, both men and women need to be present and in the moment. This means they are focused, almost solely, on their partner and enjoying sights, smells, and feelings of intimacy.

Being relaxed is essential to overcoming ED. A relaxed state isn’t about “not having any worries.” Being relaxed is both a mental and physical state, where the mind and the body need to be in sync and calm. In order to be aroused, a man needs to be relaxed enough to have an erection. 

The American Psychological Association (APA) states that arousal has a lot to do with how men respond to the times when they can’t become aroused. In other words, if a man gets angry or embarrassed about not being aroused, he won’t be relaxed enough to be aroused in the future, which can lead to ED. 

Using Hypnosis to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction 

When it comes to ED, hypnotherapy is able to bridge the mind body connection. Hypnotherapy places the mind in a relaxed state, setting the stage for arousal. It enables clients to be present and in the moment during intimacy. Compared to placebo treatments, testosterone therapy, and trazodone medication, hypnosis is found to be the most effective of the four methods. Why does hypnotherapy have the best success rate? Because it directly addresses the anxiety and frustration involved with ED.  

Sometimes, ED occurs because of the stresses of daily life or problems within a relationship. A traumatic event, a religious childhood, or anxiety about performance can all contribute to ED. Hypnosis can locate the root, retrain the mind to deal with those issues, and overcome erectile dysfunction. Knowing the reasons behind ED can change the way a person manages intimate moments, making them enjoyable again. 

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