How to Manage Climate Anxiety with Hypnosis

Global warming fears and anxiety related to climate and wildfires is on the rise. Whether it is a fear of flooding due to hurricanes on the East Coast, or the megadrought on the West Coast, more Americans than ever are feeling anxious. Scientific studies and polling indicate that over half of US residents are experiencing anxiety related to climate change. Fortunately, it’s possible to manage climate anxiety with hypnosis.

Americans on the move

COVID-19 has triggered a dramatic population shift from big cities to the suburbs. However, the wildfires and drought on the West Coast have prompted many Americans to consider relocation. Whether it’s tornadoes in the plains states or flooding in the Florida Keys, many feel as though there is no ideal location to avoid mother nature’s wrath. Anxiety is triggered because we all want to feel secure where we live. 


Simply put, anxiety is the fear of something bad happening in the future. Anxiety can include rumination and can trigger insomnia, depression, difficulty concentrating, and irritability. Feeling nervous is a common symptom of anxiety that can lead to panic attacks. Being concerned about climate change is normal but it needs to be addressed when it escalates to anxiety and panic. 

Options to Address Anxiety

Cognitive behavioral therapy is often used to address generalized anxiety. In fact, talk therapy can be very helpful when trying to address global warming anxiety. Group therapy can be extremely effective in addressing fears related to climate change. Talking with others who have similar fears helps patients realize they are not alone. For some though, talk therapy is not enough. 

What triggers anxiety

When cognitive behavioral therapy fails, hypnotherapy can be an ideal alternative. The hypnotic trance state enables certified hypnotists to access the part of the mind that triggers anxiety. The unconscious mind keeps a record of all the client’s experiences. It essentially responds automatically based on what it has learned throughout the years. Its job is to protect the patient, and it sometimes uses the fight or flight response. Climate anxiety is an example of the fight or flight response being triggered inappropriately by the subconscious mind.

Manage Climate Anxiety with Hypnosis

After being guided into a relaxed hypnotic trance, the unconscious mind can be taught, or programmed, to release anxiety related to climate change. Instead of panicking, the client will respond logically to climate fears, based on the facts at hand. Often a traumatic event, like a fire or a hurricane, can trigger the anxiety. In hypnosis, these events are reframed and let go, so that irrational fears and panic attacks are avoided. Essentially, hypnotherapy can help shift the perspective of the patient, so they do not have catastrophic thoughts.

Studies show that patients who utilized cognitive behavioral therapy as well as hypnotherapy, fare better than those who just used C.B.T. If you or someone you know is suffering from climate change anxiety, they should consider group talk therapy and hypnosis to address their fears.