How to Love Your Body with Hypnosis

Bathing suit season is here but many people don’t like how they look in the mirror. For some going to the beach can trigger anxiety or just simply feeling self-conscious. Accepting yourself for who and what you are, is said to be the key to happiness. It doesn’t help that models and people on TV seem to be in perfect shape. Fortunately, you can learn how to love your body with hypnosis.

Love & Appreciate Yourself

People who are self-conscious often compare themselves with others. Instead, we should be directing our attention to what we appreciate about our bodies. It can also be helpful to wear clothes that highlight our favorite and attractive parts of our body. As opposed to thinking about what we wish we had, we can choose to remember how we look in our favorite clothes. Some people find it helpful to tape their favorite photograph to their bathroom mirror.

Choose Wisely

We may not choose our family, but we certainly choose our friends. People who are negative and are quick to make fun of others are often insecure themselves. If you find that your inner circle is critical and judgmental, it may be time to make some new friends. You can also limit the time you spend with family members who are not supportive. Remember that you choose who you spend time with.

Leave the past in the past

Poor body image is often learned through past experiences. Whether it’s a schoolmate who made fun of you, or a parent who inadvertently taught you that being slim is important, it is essential to let go of the past. We often don’t realize that childhood experiences shape our beliefs. While we logically understand that we should let these experiences go, it sometimes feels like it is impossible to do so.

Love your body with hypnosis

With the help of hypnosis, clients can learn to accept how they look. After being guided into hypnotic trance, the memories that created these limiting beliefs can be uncovered and let go. The inner mind, also known as the unconscious mind, is taught, or programmed to appreciate the body, including our imperfections. The mind focuses on the positive and negative inner talk can be eliminated. 

The Hypnotic Trance State

Even though hypnotic trance is often portrayed as mind control, the truth is that subjects are aware of what is being said and will only accept hypnotic directions that are in their best interest. While the hypnotic trance state is often described as relaxing, clients are highly attentive. A combination of slow and deep breathing, confusion, and following guided imagery allow patients to experience hypnotic trance.

If you were someone you know suffers from low self esteem or poor body image, hypnosis may be able to help. Learn how you can train your mind to stop comparing yourself to others and appreciate your body. Love your body with the help of hypnosis. After all, you are perfectly imperfect, or is it imperfectly perfect, in every way.