How To Drink Moderately With Hypnosis

Keeping It to a Minimum

With alcohol, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. There’s a way to drink moderately with hypnosis. The safe use of alcohol requires a middle ground. There’s a sweet spot that’s difficult to stay in. Too little, and it’s just as fun as water. Too much, and you’re falling over the edge with nothing to grab on to.

So, the question becomes, “Is there a way to drink alcohol moderately?” Yes, through hypnosis. 

Drinking and the Subconscious

When we drink alcohol, it’s usually in social situations. We’re concentrating on the people and environment around us. The last thing we’re thinking about might be the wine glass or beer in our hand. 

Drinking in moderation demands that we give our attention to the alcohol we’re consuming. Unfortunately, our conscious minds don’t hone in on what we’re drinking. We’re too busy focusing on other things. Our subconscious, however, is driving the show when it comes to alcohol.

Our subconscious doesn’t have the same daily concerns we do. It’s not thinking about being sober and at work tomorrow by 9 am.  Our subconscious doesn’t think ahead about what might happen if we drink and drive. It works off of habits and memories from our past. Our approach towards alcohol, whether or not we realize it, is driven by deep memories and patterns that are difficult to change without help.

Drink Moderately with Hypnosis

Because the subconscious will always be in the driver’s seat when it comes to alcohol, it’s best to change our subconscious’ direction. When our subconscious’ views about alcohol don’t match with our own goals, then we have a much harder time getting the right destination. 

This is why hypnosis is so effective when it comes to helping us learn how to drink in moderation. Research has shown that hypnosis helps to moderate alcohol use. Hypnosis targets the subconscious and switches the way it views alcohol. 

Through hypnosis, a certified hypnotist places you in a relaxed state. You are always aware of yourself and your thoughts, but the hypnotist will gently walk you through your memories. On this walk, you find events and emotions from the past that relate to your current reactions to alcohol. The hypnotist will help you reframe those memories in a better light or explore emotions you were never able to manage in the past. 

For instance, you may have grown up with alcoholic parents. Memories from your childhood, where you may have seen your parents use alcohol frequently, can remain in your subconscious. Your subconscious can decide to follow your parents as role models, rather than drink responsibly. Or maybe you dink as a reward or when you socialize. These can be learned responses. You can unlearn these responses and drink in moderation with hypnosis.

By resolving most of those memories, and by placing them in a better light, you and your subconscious can move forward in the same direction. Your choices about alcohol can become the ones you want, rather than the different ones your subconscious wants. After hypnosis, those two things can become the same.

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