How to Cope with Job Stress

by Eli Bliliuos on 11/12/2018

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Cope with Job Stress with HypnosisAccording to the CDC, approximately 30% of all employees are very stressed at work. Stress at work can lead to medical and mental health care issues. Stress can affect the immune system and lead to more days off. Companies are trying to help employees cope with job stress because they are concerned with productivity. There are different ways to deal with stress but one size does not fit all.

What causes Job Stress

Whether it is low job pay or unrealistic expectations like inconsistent job requirements, the causes of job stress are all too common. Job stress can also be caused by heavy workloads and no boundaries between work and home life. Cellular phones can be a curse because we are always accessible via email and text message. A lack of growth potential and managers who like to micromanage can also be sources of stress. A tedious or unfulfilling job can also impact your stress level.

How to create boundaries

People feel obligated to respond to emails after work because they want to make a good impression. Unfortunately, a late-night response tells your manager that you are available to respond after work hours. Creating a healthy balance is key to reducing stress related to work. Being direct with your manager from the start is essential because it can help create healthy boundaries and set the right expectation.

Healthy Options

Employees can learn to manage their levels of stress by taking better care of themselves. People tend to not get enough rest because they work later than they should. Getting a good night’s rest is essential because it recharges the batteries. Putting your phone away and watching a comedy at night can help people fall asleep faster and easier.

Exercising also helps to release endorphins and relieve stress at the same time. People who exercise in the morning will benefit from being sharper and ready to start their day. Others who prefer to work out at night will find it easier to fall asleep afterwards. Still others who like to work out during their lunch break will come back to the office with a clear head. These healthy options can help us to cope with job stress.

Hypnosis for Job Stress

Hypnosis can help employees manage stress by programming the mind to be free of distractions and see things in a more positive light. The mind can be taught to focus on the positive as well as set healthy boundaries. It can help clients be more direct and assertive when setting work/life boundaries, as well as motivate them to exercise and take better care of themselves. Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can help people release work stress and make healthy life choices.

Whether we realize it or not, we spend most of our lives at work. It can seem difficult to cope with job stress but the healthy options like hypnosis, exercise, and sleeping well can help reduce stress levels.



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