How to be Assertive and Direct

by Eli Bliliuos on 11/01/2018

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How to be assertive with hypnosisEverybody wants to be more confident but how can we be more assertive without being aggressive. People are normally described as either laid back or aggressive. Those who are laid back often don’t share their thoughts and opinions. Others who are aggressive can seem combative and contentious. If you learn how to be assertive, you can share your ideas and get the buy in you desire.

How to be Assertive

It is important not to interrupt others and try to understand their perspective. Having different points of view is expected and should be encouraged.  Learn to listen and respect others so that when you share your vision it is more easily accepted.

Egos can get in the way. When we are calm, direct, and honest we have a greater chance of gaining acceptance. The problem is that most people get upset and territorial. Along with listening and respecting other people’s opinions, using “I” instead of “you” will also help to gain consensus. It is important to be patient, clear, and concise in your response to conflict.

Natural Confidence

In order to be assertive one has to be confident. We have to believe in ourselves and our ideas. But being confident is not always easily achieved. A lack of confidence can stem from a past experience. A child can be told that they will never amount to anything. This experience can continue to impact their self-esteem and confidence for the rest of their lives. But it does not have to be this way. The subconscious mind can be taught to let go of the past and a healthy confidence can emerge within the patient.

How does hypnosis work?

Often misunderstood, hypnosis is not what people see on cruise ships and in films. People will only accept suggestions that are in their best interest. In order to be guided into hypnosis, a client should have rapport with the practitioner and be open to becoming more confident and assertive.

In order to experience hypnotic trance, a certified hypnotist will lead the client with guided imagery, confusion, and relaxation. Once in hypnosis, the patient can have a shift of perspective and see the past experience in a different light. With this accomplished, the mind can be programmed to have a healthy level of confidence. This confidence can translate into a direct, honest, and assertive demeanor. It is important to seek out an experienced practitioner who has helped others become more assertive.

Learning how to be more confident, direct, and assertive may seem difficult but with the help of hypnosis can be achieved. Whether you lead others or want to just share more of your ideas, hypnosis can help you to become more assertive.




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