How to Access Life Between Lives Memories

You may believe that souls incarnated repeatedly in order to grow spiritually. There is a form of existence between lives where memories, reflections, and connections occur that we may have otherwise forgotten. These are life between lives memories that we can access, in order to fully understand who, we are as a timeless soul and why we act and think the way that we do. 

Life Between Lives Memories

Accessing your memories about your spirit life may answer a lot of questions about the life you lead now. These profound memories can be enlightening and life changing. Before you entered your physical body, you were part of something bigger, something that was a part of the spirit world. We have all forgotten what occurred during this phase of our existence. However, that doesn’t mean that your life between lives memories are irretrievable. You’re able to access these memories through a super-conscious state. This state puts you in touch with your past memories that start beyond the womb. 

Through regressing into your childhood memories, and eventually into memories from the womb and before. You will be able to access these experiences and eventually regress back into the spirit world. There you are able to learn a lot about yourself and your past lives. You may even connect to your soul family – something you may have never thought you would be able to experience before. 

Memories from the Afterlife

A trained hypnotist who specializes in Life Between Lives regression can guide you into the “super-conscious” state. You can then access memories from the spirit world. While you’re exploring the space between lifetimes, you may learn and recall certain things. This can include why you chose the body you live in now, activities in the spirit world, and information about the soul group, which give you love and guidance through the journey. You may even have a profound, life changing experience where questions you may have asked yourself for many years, are answered. 

Past Life & Memories from the Womb

While accessing memories from the womb, you may even feel a deep connection to your mother. When accessing your past lives, you may become aware of your name, age, occupation, gender, location and personality in that incarnation. 

It’s a process that involves guidance to the spirit world. The past life memories you may access can directly correlate to your current, present life, which can be a profound and life changing realization. You will likely move through the past life, and then eventually to the death scene. Your soul then leaves the body you inhabited in that last lifetime and begins the journey to the space between lives, what some call the afterlife.

As you access life between lives memories, there is even a chance you will meet your soul mate as well as your “guide”. Your guide is a sort of mentor, teacher, and coach who assists you in choosing the lifetimes and experiences that help your soul grow and learn. Life between lives memories can be enlightening and change your perspective about the challenges you face in life, challenges you likely chose to experience for the purpose of soul growth

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