Fear of the Dark Hypnosis – How It Can Help You Overcome Your Anxiety

by Eli Bliliuos on 09/13/2011

in Fear of the Dark Hypnosis

Hypnosis to Overcome a Fear of the Dark NYCImagine being able to walk into the dark free of fear and panic…

If you are suffering with irrational fears that are triggered by the thought of being in the dark, you probably often ask yourself
“How can I overcome my fear of the dark?”
“Will I ever be able to walk into a dark room?”
“My spouse likes to sit outside at night; will I ever be able to join him or her?”

Walking into a dark room, free of fear
Being able to watch a meteor shower without being scared
Not even thinking about a potential blackout

Do you start to panic whenever the lights go out? Does the thought of walking into a dark room leave you terrified?

Most people don’t want to talk about a fear of the dark phobia, because they’re embarrassed by it. After all, being afraid of the dark is something that happens to kids; eventually, most of them grow out of it. But if you are afraid of the dark to the point of being irrational, then you would likely benefit from fear of the dark hypnosis.

How do you know if fear of the dark hypnotherapy is right for you?

If you understand, on a rational level, that there is nothing inside your closet, underneath your bed, or outside of your window that can hurt you – yet you’re still terrified of the dark – the only way to eliminate the problem is to change the way your mind perceives the dark. The only way to do that is through fear of the dark hypnosis.

In order to change the way you react to the dark, you have to tap into your subconscious. That’s the area of your mind that controls virtually everything you do. Simply addressing your fear on a conscious level isn’t enough; you have to actively engage your subconscious to see results.

Hypnosis to Overcome a Fear of the Dark

In a fear of the dark hypnosis session, you will go into a deep hypnotic state – which is sometimes described as a state of deep relaxation. Once you’re there, your consulting hypnotist will help you create new, more positive views of the dark.

You might be told to visualize yourself watching your favorite movie in a dark room, or enjoying the stars in a pitch-black planetarium. Or, you might be told to envision yourself sleeping peacefully and safely in your bed, in a totally dark room.

By teaching your subconscious to associate the dark with happy, relaxing things, you can change the way you react when the lights go out in real life – and you can eliminate your fear of the dark phobia.

If that’s not enough, there are other things you can do during a fear of the dark hypnotherapy session.

Overcome Your Phobia

Maybe your phobia stems from an event in your past. In fact, that’s a common reason why irrational fears develop. Your subconscious stores every single event that’s ever happened to you – much like a giant filing cabinet. However, certain events can get exaggerated in that subconscious filing cabinet over the years, which can lead to a phobia later.

During fear of the dark hypnosis, you can tap into your subconscious and see what event has made you so afraid. Then, you can go back and re-live it – so that you can see that it wasn’t so scary after all.

Fear of the dark hypnotherapy works by eliminating your phobia and teaching your subconscious mind that the dark cannot hurt you. Hypnosis for fear of the dark will reprogram your mind to have positive feelings about the dark that will allow you to be in control of your emotional and behavioral response to the dark.

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