Fear of Germs Hypnosis

Imagine being able to overcome your fear of germs naturally and easily, without medications or years of therapy.

If you have an irrational fear of germs, you know that that it is very difficult to explain your aversion to germs. You may find yourself facing questions like,

“Why do I always wash my hands?”

“Do I have obsessive compulsive disorder?”

“Do I really need to carry disinfectant wipes everywhere I go?”

“Do people understand why I don’t shake their hand?”

The fear of germs, or mysophobia, is very different from having an obsessive-compulsion to wash your hands. When you are afraid of germs, you imagine exposing yourself to them everywhere, and simply cannot seem to protect yourself enough from them. You are probably exceedingly clean and are uncomfortable touching things like doorknobs and public phones, and you may not like to touch other people or shake hands.


Overcoming your fear of germs naturally and easily

Feeling comfortable with shaking hands or being touched by others

Having normal hygiene practices, instead of being inhibited by fear of germs

Eliminating the unconscious need for disinfectant wipes

Mysophobia hypnosis has emerged as the best cure for the fear of germs, or mysophobia. The diagnosis of the pathological fear of germs began with Dr. William Alexander Hammond in 1879.  One of his patients who had an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) kept washing his hands. It turns out that the patient saw germs everywhere and the concept of mysophobia was born.

Also referred to as germaphobia, mysophobia has other designations as well. There is also bacillophobia and bacteriophobia. The bottom line is that all of these refer to a fear of germs. As well as the fear of germs, there is also the fear of dirt. Fear of germs hypnosis has been proven to be quite successful in treating this disorder. OCD is a complex condition and it is easy to incorrectly assume that a compulsive need to wash the hands and mysophobia are one and the same.

There is a distinct difference that needs to be addressed. It is important to make the distinction between hand washing to deal with germs and a compulsive need to wash your hands. There are different levels and forms of “dirt” ranging from literal dirt to bacteria, bacilli, and germs. People with OCD who continually wash their hands are focused on keeping their hands germ free. There is an odd feature to this as in recent years there is more emphasis on keeping our hands clean and germ free. Suddenly, a lot more people are using hand sanitizer on a regular basis and what might have once been considered a move towards OCD is now the norm.

Yet there is still a big distinction between following proven health directives like sanitizing your hands, and washing them endlessly to avoid germs. Fear of germs hypnotherapy or mysophobia hypnosis is one of the best ways to deal with the dilemma when it is clear that a phobia is present. It is easier to cloak the obsessive nature of being germ free when everyone is washing their hands on an ongoing basis.

Hypnotherapy to Overcome a Fear of Germs

Fear of germs hypnotherapy takes you into the inner sanctum of your mind where your hypnotherapist can guide your subconscious mind to the realization that is it healthy to be clean but it is debilitating to go too far and wash your hands beyond what is necessary. Mysophobia hypnosis allows the therapist to guide you through the maze of being healthy as opposed to being inhibited by the overwhelming fear of germ.

By accessing the subconscious mind, a certified hypnotist can give powerful and positive suggestions that will enable the client to naturally and easily overcome this fear. In addition, the source or initial sensitizing event can be identified and cleared. The combination of suggestive therapy and the clearing of the initial limiting memory will allow the client to begin a new fear free chapter of their life.

If you or someone you know suffers from germaphobia, fear of germs hypnotherapy may be able to help. Seek out a hypnotist that specializes in phobia removal and has had success helping clients overcome bacteriophobia.

Hypnosis for mysophobia is a quick and natural way of dealing with irrational fears like the fear of germs, dirt, or bacteria. It teaches the subconscious the difference between being clean and being irrational about germs. Hypnotherapy for fear of germs can eliminate an irrational feeling about germs and stop the overwhelming fears that have changed your behavior and inhibited you from doing the things that you have always loved to do.

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