Conquer your Fear of Bridges with Hypnosis

Fear of bridges is called gephyrophobia. It can have several component parts such as being afraid of heights or being afraid of large bodies of water. Many times, such fears are rooted in events from your past. Hypnosis can help determine the event that caused the fear and help your unconscious mind make a shift in perception. You can overcome your fear of bridges with hypnosis. You might go white-knuckled and grip the steering wheel of your vehicle as if it were a life line all the way across the bridge. Or you might feel sick at the thought of driving across a bridge. Hypnosis can help.

Conquer Your Fear of Bridges with Hypnosis

You can conquer your fear of bridges with hypnosis. The process begins with learning to relax and allow your mind to explore the causes of the fear. A childhood experience where you were in a vehicle accident on a bridge could be the cause. Or you love those late-night shows that show cars and trucks falling off a long bridge. Respect for bridges and their limitations is realistic. If your fear is so extreme that you look for other ways to get to a location, you might need help.

Your Trigger Fears

The first step is to find the trigger for your fear. Then your therapist can work with you through hypnosis to re-direct your emotions. The goal is to allow you to drive across a bridge with no more than normal caution.

Not an Uncommon Problem

Fear of bridges is not unusual. Many people feel more than a little nervous about driving across a long bridge. Your fear might not be just for yourself, but for your ability to drive your car across a long expanse. In fact, it is so ordinary that some long bridges offer drive-over services. Some charge for the service, some do not. Not all bridges have such a service. There might be a time when your ability to drive across a bridge could be critical. Hypnosis can help you discover ways to build your confidence. And to help you be able to drive across a bridge over a wide river or lake.

Finding a Solution

Hypnosis works with your mind to ease your reaction to a problem or situation. It can be used to gently persuade your unconscious mind that you really can make it across that bridge without damaging yourself or others. In many cases, fear of bridges is a fear of your own lack of ability. You are afraid you will fail. Hypnosis helps to reset your perception of a situation. It allows you to set your fear aside and focus on the physical actions that are needed to be able to cross a bridge. It involves visualizing yourself competently steering a vehicle across a bridge, perhaps just a little one at first, and arriving whole and safe on the other side.

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