Break the Connection Between Stress and Food With Hypnosis for Weight Loss

by Eli Bliliuos on 03/07/2011

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Hypnosis for Weight Loss NYCImagine maintaining healthy eating habits, enjoying regular exercise, and having more energy, by quickly establishing effective, healthy habits.

Do you want to eat better and lose weight but find yourself struggling with questions like –
“Why can’t I control how much I eat?”
“Why do I turn to food whenever I’m upset?”
“How can I stick to an exercise program when I’m always busy?”
“Why do I feel so hungry when I don’t get a good night sleep?”

If you are the type of person who eats more than usual when you are celebrating or when you are tense and stressed, then weight loss hypnotherapy can help you shed extra pounds, develop a positive, healthy lifestyle that will stick with you no matter what types of ups and downs you’re experiencing.

•Cutting back on the amount of food you eat, no matter what’s going on
•Developing and maintaining a realistic exercise program
•Being more calm and relaxed when you go to bed, allowing you to enjoy a restful sleep
•Enjoying increased energy and increased metabolism while losing weight

There is a proven link between stress and overeating. There is also a link between celebration and overeating. Whether life is up or down, for many people the result is way too much food. If you have a life that is full of ups and downs, chances are you have gained more weight than you want. This is where hypnosis for weight loss can help.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Studies have shown that weight loss hypnotherapy can be extremely successful. Hypnosis accesses your subconscious mind and allows for a shift in the way you connect with food. In this open and focused state, you are highly suggestible. Your hypnotist will talk to you about your eating habits and then though a variety of techniques including regression and neuro-linguistic programming, the hypnotist can guide you into a suggestible state where your attitude towards food will be altered.

Since weight loss relies on mindset as much as anything else, lose weight hypnotherapy can be the perfect supplement to regular exercise and a good diet. It lays the groundwork for the attitude necessary for successful weight loss. In addition, it provides the necessary confidence and mindset to overcome cravings and food binging.

Weight loss hypnosis helps in three major ways:

1.  Lose Weight Hypnosis trains you to cut back on the amount of food you eat. If you have ever felt full to the point of discomfort after a big family holiday dinner, then you know what it feels like to be stuffed. Even if you wanted to, you would likely have a hard time stuffing one more bread roll into your body. Hypnosis can provide a full feeling that kicks in a little earlier. This helps cut back on the regular overeating that has become a matter of habit. Hypnosis also calms you and lets you handle your stress without using food to calm you.

2.  Hypnosis can train you to maintain a realistic exercise program. Those who exercise regularly know that exercise can become enjoyable. The hard part is getting into the habit of exercising. Once you do that, the increased energy and metabolism will improve your endurance, help you lose weight, and improve your mood.

3. Hypnosis for weight loss also works on the third element that affects your weight – sleep. Weight loss hypnotherapy can relax you and relax you so that you simply sleep better at night. The better sleep will allow for increased energy levels during the day so that you are more active. In addition, often the body becomes confused with messages and being sleepy can be confused with being hungry.

A series of weight loss hypnotherapy sessions can help you handle the arduous task of losing weight by going to the core of the matter – your subconscious.

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