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Overcome Nail Biting

Overcome Nail Biting

You're inching through rush hour traffic and it begins. You start to bite your nails. It's been a nervous habit of yours since you were a kid, and you just kind of kept doing it through adulthood. Every time you feel nervous or anxious about something you bite your nails. At work, in the grocery store, even at home while you're balancing your budget, you don't even realize you're biting your nails anymore. It's gotten to the point that your nails look quite unsightly. You are self-conscious about the way your nails look...so self-conscious in fact that you walk around with your hands in your pockets most of the time. You don't want to shake people's hands, so you opt for the friendly head nod instead.

Nail biting is one of the many ways people choose to handle stressful situations. It is, however, incredibly unhealthy for many reasons. Not only does the constant chewing on your hard nails wear down the biting surface of your teeth, but there are millions of germs on your hands and under your nails that then are passed to your mouth and are taken inside your body, possibly causing illness. There is also a chance of infection when the fingernails are chewed down to the point where they begin to bleed. It seems that having hideous nails leads to yet another stressor: now you are not only stressed about the event that caused you to bite your nails in the first place but now you are self-conscious about the way your nails look to others.

Imagine having healthy, beautiful nails. When you bite your nails, it can seem hard to break the habit. Your nails contain germs and bacteria, so nail biting can hurt your overall health. You know that you need to break the habit, but nothing seems to work.

If you bite your nails, you may wonder:

What caused this habit to start?

How can I break the habit if I don't realize what I am doing?

Will I ever have normal, healthy nails again?

Nail biting is a common problem, but you do not have to live with it. Your nails are supposed to protect your fingers. When you bite them, your fingers are easier to injure. The germs under your nails can also make you sick. You have to end the habit if you want to stay healthy.

Imagine . . .

Having beautiful nails again.

Finding better ways to deal with stress.

Feeling relaxed and calm in every situation.

Many people use nail biting to deal with tension or stress. Over time, your mind creates a habit of biting your nails to reduce stress. To change the habit, you have to change how the mind works. You have to rewire the patterns in your mind and learn new ways of handling stress.

Hypnosis can help change your mental patterns. Positive suggestions and imagery reframe how you look at stress. You develop an aversion to biting your nails. Through this natural mental state, you create a calm, happy outlook on life. Before long, you realize that you no longer feel the need to bite your nails.

Our Hypnosis for Overcoming Nail Biting download session allows you to deal with the issue of nail biting on a subconscious level. This download can help you remove the negative thoughts that surround your nail biting habit and substitute them with more positive thoughts, thus removing the habit from your life entirely.

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