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Overcome Alcohol Addiction

Overcome Alcohol Addiction

         Created with cutting edge hypnotic techniques including binueral beats and a dual induction,                   2 RECORDINGS that you WILL HEAR AT THE VERY SAME TIME, this Ultimate "Freedom from Alcohol!" Download is the most powerful Stop Drinking Alcohol download available! 

"Just one more drink. I can handle it." This is what you tell yourself every time. Just one more drink leads to two more... then three more, and before you know it you wake up with a pounding headache on your couch wondering how in the world you made it home. You shuffle to the kitchen and open the fridge, grab a beer and get the morning started in the usual manner. Heck, you don't have to be to work until later in the afternoon... why not have a few brewskis before your shift? No one will know. One day is just like the next; an endless chain of drinking and doing nothing more than going through the motions. The only life you have come to know is at the bottom of a bottle. The bottle is your best friend.

Over 17.6 million Americans are currently dealing with alcohol addiction. While this number is staggering, the ironic thing is that each person feels like they are all alone. Many times the sadness leads to more drinking. It's a vicious circle and often the person drinking doesn't realize that they have a problem. Drinking has become their 'new normal' and breaking that habit for them is like taking away part of their identity. They don't know what to do without it.

One of the most effective ways is through hypnosis. This hypnosis download helps strike alcohol addiction on a subconscious level. Through our download sessions, we are able to help reframe the way addicts perceive alcohol consumption. Thoughts that once were of great importance, yet detrimental are replaced by more positive thoughts. 

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