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Overcome Self Criticism & Doubt

Overcome Self Criticism & Doubt

Another sleepless night spent tossing and turning; thoughts racing through your head. "Am I a good enough parent?"  "What if my spouse leaves me?"  "I am so stupid sometimes."  You wake in the morning feeling like you haven't slept. You go about your day feeling defeated, like you don't feel good enough for anyone in your life. You start to second guess every decision you have ever made and realize about a hundred things you "should have" done differently. Why were you so hasty to take that promotion you knew you didn't want? How could you be so stupid as to think you could finish a half-marathon? All of a sudden you realize the negative voice you have been listening to sounds familiar. It's the same voice you've been listening to since you were a child and heard similar remarks from the people around you.

Self criticism and doubt can be incredibly damaging to a person's spirit. Constantly feeling like you don't belong or you aren't good enough can lead to other more serious conditions such as severe depression, migraines or panic attacks. Many times people who suffer with these types of self defeating thoughts have been influenced by others in their lives when they were younger. Maybe a coach, teacher or parent told them they were stupid or slow or uncoordinated and they grew up believing these things to be true...reinforcing in their minds the negative comments others made about them early on.

Hypnosis is a highly effective way to help people who suffer from self defeating thoughts. Our Overcoming Self Criticism and Doubt hypnosis download session allows you to work on overcoming these thoughts in the comfort of your home. Our hypnotists use the download to tap into your subconscious and replace the negative thoughts you once knew with more positive thoughts. By working at a subconscious level we are better able to help our clients with a more permanent solution to the difficulty they are trying to rise above. 

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