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Overcome a Relationship Break Up

Overcome a Relationship Break Up

         Created with cutting edge hypnotic techniques including binueral beats and a dual induction,                   2 RECORDINGS that you WILL HEAR AT THE VERY SAME TIME, this Ultimate "Overcome a Relationship Breakup!" Download is the most powerful download to move on after a breakup available! 

It's one of those things you think will never happen to you. You watch as your friends go through break ups, even comfort them through their times of need. But when you are the one dealing with the ending of a relationship, things become more personal. Feelings of betrayal, inadequacy, rage, sadness and loneliness start to replace feelings that once were those of security, belonging, trust and bliss. You may spend endless nights wondering what you could have done differently...or if your ex is seeing someone new. Everything in your life becomes a blur. You can't focus at work; you forget appointments and sometimes even forget to eat. It seems as if your once active, vibrant, happy life falls by the wayside and is replaced by this new version of you...one you don't recognize and honestly one you never thought could even exist.

Overcoming a relationship break up can be one of life's most emotionally challenging times. We invest so much in our relationships with others that when things don't work out we feel it was all a waste of time, and now we have nothing to show for it. We also feel so alone, as if no one else in the world has ever gone through what we are going through; like a lost soul searching for a home.

Our Hypnosis for Overcoming a Relationship Break Up download session gives you the tools you need to move forward with your life.  On this download, our hypnotists gently guide you into a state of deep relaxation where you are able to connect with your subconscious mind. We then work to help reshape the way you perceive your break up. The result is a new outlook on your break up that allows you to enjoy your activities of daily living.

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